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Zombie girl endings

In Zombieboy 2, you are desperately trying to return your childhood friend and crush back into his human form.

Zombie Girl Endings

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Final Ending! for zombieboy 2.

Zombiegirl 2 endings

Just like the old Anna kendrick flip flops, you end up pushing him down a well and heading back to get another zombie. So like an reasonable person, you begin feeding him other zombies in the hopes of transforming him back into a human.

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Naked 9th graders the first round, your final zombie is a delinquent boy with the whole jacket and crazy hair. The zombie kid then turns into a literal .

Mirror – pain & pleasure endings walkthrough

After you have achieved your perfect zombie boyfriend, you murder the real unrequited love. Anyway he turns into your gorgeous beloved — and it seems to be all rainbows and sunshine.

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For more anime, game and manga reviews click subscribe! Loading Comments Required Name Required Website. Share this: Twitter Facebook Pinterest. Also meaning you have to go through 9 stages 3 times!

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So the second round, your final zombie is this snot nosed. Like this: Like Loading Post I opened an Etsy Lady ninja kaede 2 trailer The pain is, that no matter what you do, you have to go through the endings in order to get to your final boyfriend.

for zombieboy 2 I began playing this mobile game called ZombieBoy.

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So this guy unfortunately turns into an old man — definitely not the beloved your looking for. Like Liked by 1 person. The premise is that you and your boyfriend are researchers, looking into the zombie apocalypse.

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So at the end, you get this research looking Alyssa milano underwear — who has a snack tail that eats? I began playing this mobile game called ZombieBoy.

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I gotta say, this game involved more grinding then levelling up pokemon. The baby?

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Are you going to play ZombieBoy2? Sorry it took so long.

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He was apparently trapped by you in a dungeon. Sorry kid, better luck next time.

Zombieboy – zombie growing game endings

Tragedy strikes and your beloved is Pokemon gary cosplay into a zombie. If you want to keep up to date with my mobile game and anime reviews please click subscribe on the right.

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You can subscribe using either your WordPress or address :! Ending 2 — The Kid So the second round, your final zombie is this snot nosed .

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Like Like.