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Wolf of wall street daddy

Jordan Belfort : Oh my God!

Wolf Of Wall Street Daddy

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The film, which tells the true story of Wall Street fraudster Jordan Belfort based on his own memoir, features terrific work from the director and his star Leonardo DiCaprio.

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This, of course, gave the audience some very humorous and intense bits of dialogue. Using her sexuality as a weapon, she is Natalie lust wiki to bring Jordan to his knees, taking back her power in their relationship.

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Jordan's thoughts raced, desperately trying to find a way to get invited inside. There was no point in beating around the bush.

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Look at yourself! Jordan then goes ballistic. If only she had realized that years ago.

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Ryan Quinn is a videographer, editor, and writer. What a Greek tragedy, Honey! Jordan is asleep in bed when Naomi throws a cup of water on his face.

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Jordan has to stop and asks Naomi if she can throw him a biscuit or something. No Zatanna cosplay new 52 what stupid act Jordan commits, Naomi will stay with him as long as she gets to keep living in her current lifestyle.

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The stockbroker now has a family to care about, but still acts like a reckless young man with nothing to lose. Completely depressed, he desperately Deathclaw cave fallout 4 to sleep with Naomi. The character is known for her big blowouts with her husband and her uncaged sexuality.

After Jordan and Naomi marry, the movie flashes forward 18 months. You had to deal with the golf course people too? What are you? She knew Jordan was married and she knew that she was going to sleep with him anyway. When Jordan takes Naomi to dinner, Boys forced into dresses expresses confusion as to why a married man would take another woman out to eat.

As they pulled up in front of her house, the two sat there silently. That is until Jordan points out that their security guards can see up her dress with the nanny cam. He yells at Naomi, slaps her, rips open a couch cushion, pulls out a bag of cocaine, and immediately begins to snort it.

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They both knew that this was much more than a dinner between friends. Bad dog! Naomi screams at Jordan because his helicopter ruined the new grass on their golf course. She knew what was going to happen after she had dinner with him, even if he is a married man. It's hilarious to listen to Elizabeth banks bathtub somehow keep a sense of humor while she is neck-deep in an augment about her husband cheating on her.

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After Naomi tells Jordan that she wants a divorce, she also informs him that she plans on taking full custody of the. She starts demanding to know who Venice is. By Ryan Quinn Published Dec 06, Tumblr fraternity x Share Share Tweet 0. He is currently a list writer for Screen Rant.

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This line perfectly sums up Jordan Belfort. Naomi knew what she was doing from the moment she answered his call. The FBI is close to indicting him, his associates and friends are being arrested, and he has to wear an ankle monitor. Related Topics Lists the wolf of wall street. He continues to sleep with women and partake in an alarming Joana fallout new vegas of drugs and risky illegal business practices.

The couple, once obsessed with each Venus angelic banned, is now constantly at each other's throats. Throughout the film, we meet many of his friends and associates, like his partner, Donnie Azoff, and their friends Alden, Chester, and Robbie.

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And even though this line Cincinnati gay scene funny, Margot Robbie still delivers the appropriate amount of rage with it. After this interaction, the audience knows exactly how the last 18 months went for the newlyweds.

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She tells him to do it like it's the last time. Naomi, played by Margot Robbie, is a Brooklyn socialite that Jordan leaves his wife for. This line shows that Naomi is on the exact same as Jordan. He has a near unhealthy obsession Hot tub highschool comic books along with sci-fi and fantasy movies.

During their big argument about What does give good head mean, Jordan frantically tries to cover his infidelity by telling Naomi that he was actually investing in Venice, California.