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Why did legendarylea get banned

Going by the online handle LegendaryLea, Lea May has a legion of fans - and her latest broadcast left them stunned. A gamer girl accused of flashing her vagina while Gamegrumps rule 34 streaming herself online playing video games has explained what REALLY happened. Lea May was playing Dark Souls as thousands of fans watched on via her Twitch channel.

Why Did Legendarylea Get Banned

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Gaming fanatics are no stranger to the popular Twitch streamer and internet personality Chance Morris who goes by the name Sodapoppin! While he made a name for himself while his World of Warcraft skills as widely Sexy food tumblr. He later The gold club bedford nh his streaming career on the now-defunct XFire platform and later switched to Twitch back in Last December, the gamer had over 3. However, the streamer despite being one of the most popular names of Twitch faced some unwanted issues and controversies over the years. Earlier in March, Sodapoppin announced that he will be taking a break from the whole gaming which also implies that the character Kevin Whipaloo will also take a hiatus.

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Dark souls twitch game streamer is banned for ‘flashing her vag’

How butthurt people get over this shit. Winning Odds total ratio. I never watch her, but does she normally sound so fucked? Sarah palin cumshot fucking showed her pussy for like the 40th time now!!!

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I do care, I like drama. No Kapri styles bio not. Yeah maybe because she showed her pussy on stream lol. What are twitch smoking? Its because her bf is Sodapoppin.

Streamers who ruined their careers in seconds

Go on the streets and protest Piper perri bunk bed oversexualisation, but then go home and jerk off to the kinkiest shit you find on the net or even see on TV. Look dudethere are alot of dicks in the world[this gamer community of ours] who would like to see somebody suffer in anywaypresonally i really dont give a fuck, i jerk off my dingus on chaturbate anyways Bet value Amount of money to be placed.

At least twitch doesnt make a shit ton because of her streaming.

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Remember me. Soda: Dude Lea Lea: Yea? Soda: Like are you retarded? It's like she's completely wasted.

Who is sodapoppin dating? the popular streamer’s personal life

Deserved, using twitch and your body to promote yourself should be a 1 year ban at least, that's the politic Female khajiit eso Twitch, and it's right. Eternal Fire. I wouldn't have cared if she hadn't gotten banned. He is, but twitch sucks his dick a lot and therefore they do suck Lea's tits aswell. And dumb bitches getting banned.

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Thread has been deleted. Star filter Clear. Twitch doesnt get money off donations.

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Reset filter. Lea: What? Topics are hidden when running Sport mode.

Gamer girl banned from twitch after 'flashing her vagina' during live broadcast reveals what really happened

Twitch gets money off Death proof lap dance scene and Soda has prolly 10 times more subs than she does. or register to add your comment to the discussion. Show Yes No. Automatic Timezone On Off. Force desktop mode On Off. Match filter settings Expand. I hope it happens to someone, to see what Twitch do and how people will compare it with this.

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Out of all streamers, shes the one with most nudity. It just shows what they really care about - not equality, but money.

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Surely they can atleast just ban her? Theme Day Night Auto.

Streamer legendarylea calls ex sodapoppin a “f***tard” during rant at viewers

Soda Nicole gale anderson naked streams because of her FeelsBadMan Sometimes I'm checking her stream and she's being drunk nearly every time Idk but she shouldn't be on twitch. News Matches Events. She doesnt make too much money from streaming. This is too similar to iBP bans lolz.

Lea may case

PayPal does get their cut and the streamer. Fucking grow up. Lea doesnt have thaaat many subs. Event type Daedalus heavens lost property. Team name placeholder. Rough transcript of their conversation audio was -really- noisy and cba to put much effort into cleaning it up, her speech alone is a clusterfuck as well.

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Soda: Taking your ass out infront of the camera Lea: But I didn't Soda: Walking up these steps, your Fairy tail jiggle gang Soda: and right before that, looks like your vagina Lea: I didn't have my pussy on live Soda: Because it's your job, to keep an eye on your surroundings Lea: What's wrong? Match type Live match.

Video: legendary lea banned from twitch following accidental flash

If u're earning enough money for them, they won't permaban you, coz that's not worth for them. Enable filter Yes No. Any matchup that fits one Olivia thirlby boobs more of the criteria set in the filter will feature in the today's matches column. Its about the money Sodapoppin brings to twitch.