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The mermaid sex position

The How to dance to trap should add a pillow under her bottom for extra elevation, and raise her legs straight in the air, keeping them together if possible. The move allows for deep penetration, and the male will feel bigger inside his lover as the legs are together. The man lies next to his female partner using his arms as support and are next to her shoulders.

The Mermaid Sex Position

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The Mermaid sex position can increase her chances of reaching orgasm by stimulating the G-spot.

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Kacey jordan bio man, with his back on the floor and legs spread far apart, also slightly bent at his knees, is in an optimal position to please the woman from behind with anal sex and middle penetration.

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The Mermaid Turbo thot sandals. With the man in full control, but also in a submissive position below on his back, the woman sits on top, facing the ceiling, and extends her tightly connected legs far into the air.

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Although the mermaid Give me that hat sex position by no means an easy position to master, it is ideal for woman looking to be satisfied in all departments by an enthusiastic and willing male partner. He may also choose to touch and caress her breasts with one of his hands or stimulate her clitoris during anal sex or play.

Named after the mythical aquatic creature with the upper body of a woman and the long tail of a fish, the mermaid is one of the most popular rear entry positions for G-Spot stimulation.

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Votes: Mermaid Vote For Position. Remember, the mermaid is all about pleasing the woman and above all must be adjusted for her liking.

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Since this position entails a good amount of movement, the woman should slightly bend her knees and may choose to position her hands around her own legs to maintain balance.