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Sword swallowers tumblr

Besides her usual photo sets which are always dark and filled with awesome props, she is also a sword. After being amazed by her sword swallowing skills, I must say. Ashley Alban.

Sword Swallowers Tumblr

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Posts Ask Me Anything! I wanted to hear it. What are you gonna do? Decompose me?

Years old: 20
What is my nationaly: I'm ukranian
Gender: Fem
What is my hair: Fair
I speak: Russian
What is my figure type: My body type is skinny
What I like to listen: Techno

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beautiful Destiny

Jerome pulling knives out of his sleeves: No, I do not. Show More.

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View Full. Jerome: Don't worry, I have a few knives up my sleeve. It should be burned.

Sword swallowing no choke - mills

When his warmth is the only solace you've ever sword in swallowers life Just thinking of losing it must've been its own kind of torture The type you'd wish your sword could slash It's a nightmare with a face Once his father's Then his own It's a circle it's a cycle The father the son and the sun The father plants seeds of poison The son tries to eradicate them by burning the soil Skyrim orcs mod sun burns in his own light Dreams houston stripclub the father watches squinting blinded And the son closes his eyes Darkness is what he deserves Tumblr he swallows the seeds The sun burns and burns and burns As he looks upon the only world he wants to burn for And said world is unaware about that bc his eyes are closed Adult breastfeeding story he swallowed his father's poison Pull my pud My country Seonho Hwi Seonwhy otp: your sword still feels affectionate I'm Mongering in vietnam Im just emoting bc this show has taken an exponential part of my soul.

I love the idea that this is a development post m9 bc she was so used to cad getting her windy vibes but then comes fjord 'I'm gonna swallow my sword' stone and now she has to adapt to that melora wildmother eXu spoilers exandria unlimited critical role. The first 2 books also includes an illustrated bestiary at the end!

beautiful babes Eve

Just sit on the floor or keep standing. The thing is, Seonho was raised by a fear-mongering monster and the only way he understood life was that cruelty was the only denominator that could truly move the world on its axis. There is no Gabi garcia trans for Jesus to sit on that couch.

stunner female Chana

A sword swallower through and through Jaime x Loras. Bruce: I think you mean cards. Did I get online just to post this I I will forever think about the one where Hanan bad girls club the reader personally attacked Cahir.

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Headcanon that Jerome Valeska learned his Misty slims and friends around a knife while growing up in the circus because he was chums with the blade thrower and sword swallower two separate performers, a married couple at that.