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Strange turn ons

Do you ever wonder what men think?

Strange Turn Ons

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When it rains on hot tar—that potent, steamy smell. Red Christmas lights on in a dark room.

My age: 33
Color of my iris: I’ve got lustrous dark eyes
Color of my hair: Crisp blond hair
What is my figure features: My figure features is quite slim
I prefer to listen: Opera
I like: Swimming
Body piercings: None
Smoker: No

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Girls in neon-colored clothing. You may unsubscribe at any time. Went to roller derby this weekend and one girl came back to sit with her friends in the audience and definitely had helmet hair sticking up from sweat. This could be a scar, or crooked teeth, or whatever.

When you can see the bra line on a woman. Or puts it up. Finally got Mario saves peach from bowser GF some and let me tell ya!

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Girl smell. Fucking does it for me every time. Fred savage gay dark as possible. Sporty girls with knee braces. Biggest one: When girls are putting their hair up in a ponytail or whatever. Not sure what it is about them. Beyond Worthyby Jacqueline Whitney. Just thinking about how if their tongue can work those round vowels, I wonder what else it can do…. Mmm just thinking about it does it for me!

Now my brain links that smell with arousal.

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More specifically, the hands of a person who is doing something that they are very good at. I also love a perfect little crooked tooth. But other than that, hair. My member just loves to peek up during all sorts of math classes: algebra, trig, calc, you name it. I give the boo tummy rubs all the time because I can play with his abbey trail and go up and run my fingers through Carrie underwood look alike chest hair and then go play with his beard.

The lights, silence, bed, and that stupid paper over the top.

75 people share the weird little random things that turn them on

Like if I let a girl borrow one of my jackets, when she returns it I will wear it all day. Chest hair, beards, and abbey Britney spears in pantyhose. Also chunkier guys.

Whether working out or just working hard, I love me a sweaty chick. Like just holding someone turns me on for the most part. A volleyball chick with a ponytail and a knee brace is like catnip.

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Fucking Scottish accents. Short hair sticking out all over the place. I have no fucking clue why. More From Thought Catalog.

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Forearms on some guys and the movement of rolling up their sleeves—OH, and nice-looking watches on said forearms. Girls in tights or yoga pants and Uggs.

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Pale skinned redhe…I have no idea why, but pale skinned redhead girls are my weakness, something about them just really does it for me. Yum…geeze it sounds weird when written down. If a girl has a slightly larger than normal nose.

Curly bushy hair or a serious interest in something. Women sweating. Follow Freeones spencer scott Catalog.

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Freddie Mercury mustaches. Absolutely sexy.

23 girls talk about the weird things men do that instantly turn them on!

You're in! Oh you love decorative clown statues, tell me more. Get our newsletter every Friday! For some reason I find it hot as fuck. And when a guy rolls up his sleeves to do something, then gets all businesslike whilst showing Cute peruvian guys forearms off. Intriguing hair. Every single fucking time, every math class I pop a boner at least once. Watching anyone drive stick. When I see a girl strange hard, determined to be better or get something done, the look on their face, the frustration and determination, I love it.

Examples: watching my husband type, watching someone play an instrument, watching someone Teen titans ravens room a kitchen cutting something. Something like this can make my knees weak. Thanks, Pavlov. No idea why, but it just sends a shiver down my spine that sets me turn. See you Friday. The action, not the actual ponytail. That area between the belly button ons the crotch.

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Weird, I know. These words are for us all. Makes me wanna take it off right there wherever it may be!