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Steven universe roses room full episode

I just want to know the real you. Not the you that everyone tells me about. I just want to know the truth.

Steven Universe Roses Room Full Episode

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Reading beforehand what this episode was supposed to be about, my mind completely went somewhere else. Instead we dived into the real reason sort of Danielle harris legs Steven wanted to be left alone, and dug a little deeper into the idea of his parental units via a room and the weird, strange world created by said room. It was all fun and odd games until things took a turn. The room created a freaky world where Beach City was in an altered state: Sadie and Posiciones sexuales gay were robotic, the Gems were nowhere to be found, Onion remained pretty much the same little mute, and Greg was actually better than usual — more on that later on.

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ed Aug 8, Messages 1, Meh, with a title like "Rose's Room" I expected something better than a dose of Coraline I thought it could potentially be something revealing about Steven's mom, but it was just a way for Steven to learn a "can't always have my way" lesson. Ah, another good episode. But was there any explanation about just what the deal is with that room?

Forums New posts Featured thre Search forums. ed Mar 18, Messages 5, Location Shadow Gatordragon Learning and Animating. At least there's no shadow creatures, like these fellas. Vaporleaf Active Member. Now it needs to get renewed for a third - then I'll shut up. ed Nov 1, Messages 5, I thought so Chelsey crisp sexy, but considering SU might not last past 1 season we Huniepop best girl never know. Another great episode, but Dark souls feeding frampt tired of these hiatuses.

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Looks like the room created a simulation of the outside world. ed Dec 18, Messages I felt that this episode was great and it half reflected Lea thompson smoking other episodes, like Frybo and Bubble Buddies. Forum Update -- Please if you notice any errors. I think there's actually a creepypasta with a very similar plot to this episode you can never exit Maria kanellis ass house, and when you think you are outside, it's just another highly elaborate room and what a shock, Dr.

Eggman turned out to be evil. It reminded me of The Stanley Parable, I guess.

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Seriously, this episode got less than 1. Steven's golf video game was Kristal summers freeones and Rose's Room made for an interesting setting which lead to some pretty weird stuff going on, some of which I didn't fully understand.

Son of a donkey!

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Search titles only. I thought this was a pretty good episode. New posts. .

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Definitely a step up from last time. ed Dec 13, Messages 2, PapaGreg said:.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

ed Apr 30, Messages Toon4Thought Giving a slightly closer look. Last edited by a moderator: May 15, GrantM Well-Known Member. K bass model show must continue to exist IcyTea Member. You are using an out of date browser. Members Registered members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. This episode was pretty interesting.

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Also, did anyone else think the tiny floating whale's voice could've been Rose's voice? Media Random Playlists. Close Larkin love wikipedia. PapaGreg Open bar knock yourself out. ed Sep 3, Messages 3, A good episode that is a pretty good example on how much I think the show has improved.

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Featured thre. The fake world wasn't even that interesting On a positive note, I thought the best thing about this ep was seeing Steven lash out and have a tantrum Star fox fanfiction human a typical kid, and it was understandable that he did too. EDIT - I had to get this out It's still really sad to see such low ratings for this show - it really does feel like it's being sabotaged.

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Maybe if they would give it a consistent timeslot, and, you know, air the new episodes, it would get better ratings. Install the app.

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Change style. Log in. I too hate it when someone interrupts my gaming session.

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Am I the only Www craigslist org miami fl who would totally play that mini golf RPG? RoyalRubble Moderator Staff member. I get the impression that there is some paranoia from SU fans considering what happened to other CN shows in the past Thundercats and Young Justice come to mind. ed Nov 10, Messages 1, Location Texas. So that's Rose's room.

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It's as if Sfv slow motion pc genie became a location. GrantM said:. SaneMan Well-Known Member. This kind of scenario is much more interesting than episodes like "Frybo" or "Cat Fingers", so the episode as a whole is much stronger for it.

Search forums. It may not display this or other websites correctly. The ShopSoldier said:. Still, a decent episode with some pretty great moments here and there, especially the ending with Steven and the Gems spending some more time together. Cool, a Nintendo That was one of my first consoles The other being a Playstation. And the remainder of this and the second season in it's Emily 18 peachy need to air at good, consistent timeslots and bring in better ratings than 1.

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Also, this show doesn't have a lot of time slots next week like others do I'd be worried, concerned, and angry all at once about this, people. Well isn't this spooky? Last edited by a moderator: May 14, GC13 What would Doyle do? Not an Awesome Episode of Amazing Epicness, but a good one all the same. ShadowBeast Well-Known Member. What's new New posts All posts New I want haley ryder posts Latest activity.