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Obi wan vs anakin gif

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Obi Wan Vs Anakin Gif

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Officially pronounced with a Hooking up movie scenes "J". The problem with that is that they are standing perfectly still and not one of their light sabers comes close to touching each other or the other saber.

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More posts from the gifs community. But it still looks pretty ridiculous on film.

Obi wan gifs

I guess I'm the only one who grokked what was going on when I saw it the first time. Alana naked and afraid this thread. Were the fights any better in if you apply the same shuttling to light saber scenes? It's flynning. I made a gif The most useless 2 seconds in all of star wars lightsaber fights.

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It's been around since Well, at least Errol Flynn. Posted by 9 years ago.

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For a second there I almost enjoyed the film knowing this It simply looks idiotic. Sort by: best.

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After years of fighting and training alongside each other, they can perfectly predict each other's moves. They know each others moves so well that they both know when it is time to do a trick, so they both go into trick mode for a few seconds".

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Thank you for this. The clip in the gif in as example of that, with an infinite of possible attacks and parries ultimately failing because one predicts the other's move and counters, and the counter is countered, and that counter is countered They contemplate a battle before the first blow is ever What does pov mean in porn in anticipation of how the other will react.

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Funny, animated GIFs: Your favorite computer file type! Yeah, I get that they might have come up with that story, but this is a movie, not a book, and it doesn't work on film, just looks stupid.

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Found the internet! Go to the dentist. This explanation actually makes it pretty conceptually epic.

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In fact, had their sabers accidentally connected I am sure they would both be surprised and stop fighting. I believe the novelization attempts to reconcile this sort of thing by alluding to the fact that Anakin and Obi Wan are pretty much at an impasse when it comes to saber skills. Created Feb 14, Top posts Girls gone wild arkansas 17th Top posts of may, Top posts Back to Top. Aim any old how.

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I personally loved this moment. View discussions in 3 other communities.