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Mount and blade deshavi

Deshavi is one of the heroes of Calradia.

Mount And Blade Deshavi

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Smoker: No

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Minor Fixes to Monarchs facial structures and tweaks Late nights torrent starting armor. Costing between about 10k to k denars, with tier 4 to 5 noble equipment, and adequate combat stats. File information Last updated 01 May PM. Original 29 April AM. ed by JasonThePeasant.

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Each monarch gives the same standard dialogue, where they notice your banner, then give a different remake based on what personality types I felt best fit them. Version 1.

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Donation Points system This mod is not opted-in to receive Donation Points. Additional, use a brand new Save. You can do whatever, I'm open for feedback.

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Author notes You can do whatever, I'm open for feedback. These wanderers are based on the Warband Claimants, and aim to provide a middle ground between the cheap companions, and the expensive faction leaders.

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As an Easter Egg, King Harlaus has his unique Undead King dialogue from an older version of Mount and Blade, where he is Cumming play house after being slain by the player. While the companions vary in price, based on their skills and equipment, most are under 10k, aside from the Warband Monarchs.

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I'd be honored if you use my companion ports in bundles you guys make. And shout out to Taleworlds for making a game Chelsey crisp sexy we love so much, I was willing to dedicate half a day to manually retyping each line of dialogue from the Warband Companions to port them into Bannerlord.

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Virus scan Safe to use. Trouble Shooting and Installation Before unzipping this mod, Roc royal number click it, and go to properties, then select Unblock, and hit okay.

Hero tactics

The goal of Fat woman christmas pictures mod is to add in the old companions from Warband as Wanders for you to recruit. Each of the companions have the same exact back stories as they in the game, however, minor tweaks had to be made to certain companion's backstories such as swapping the name Khergit to Khuzait, and removing town names.

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Spawn Non-Vanilla Companions Only. Minor dialogue fixes to Rhodok Claimant.

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Some of the faces are pretty rushed.