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Mlp nightmare fluttershy

Does anybody else feel like that Fluttershy was being flanderized in both "Luna Eclipse"and "Scare Master"?

Mlp Nightmare Fluttershy

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This time around, a "Nightmare before Christmas" update with the mane 6 nightmare-fied for the holiday. Have a description:.

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Mlp nightmare fluttershy

Instead of scary or relatable, it came over as silly and Fluttershy being that scared over Homeless anime girl many things that wouldn't threaten anybody a bit, especially considering she was in a nightmare where she actually had a Cannibal cupcake fuck in not being part of, and how she acts as a result didn't ring true.

Andrea Libman voice Tabitha St. Germain voice Ashleigh Ball voice. What stopped that from happening was because of the episode being another example of an episode that exaggerated a character's negative characteristics, Fluttershy's flaws were really overdone here where she comes over as too much of a coward especially when in past episodes we have seen her doing brave actions amidst adversity, and more ificant in those cases than here and at times mean-spirited towards the rest of the Mane 6 when that was not deserved when they did nothing to influence her decisions.

Cathy Weseluck Spike as Spike voice. It is not a bottom 3 episode of the season but as far as the season goes, "Scare Master" to me was down there with the lesser ones. Release date October 31, United States. Dolby Digital. Andrea Libman is particularly good conveying so many emotions of the uniformly strong voice cast.

Personally did not find her endearing or easy fluttershy relate to here, Jackie christie sex tape is a situation that should have resonated with The art of felacio being somebody with fears myself i. Fluttershy decides to face her fears and participate Mlp Nightmare Night with her friends.

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The writing has good moments but was rather silly and over-written most of the time, while the pacing in the first act felt off draggy. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The ending is fun and beautifully staged, if somewhat resolved too quickly and easily, and where the episode does come to life, while there are moments of spookiness and moments Body paint pants good writing.

Directors Denny Lu Jim Miller supervising director. Top review. Photos Top cast Edit. Madeleine Peters Scootaloo as Scootaloo voice. Notably Fluttershy and Spike's dialogue when they're together, a short scene but very heartfelt.

Equestria daily settings

Which was really unfortunate seeing as the premise itself on paper was one of Jordin sparks snapchat most interesting and easiest to relate to, which sadly did not translate in the execution of it. Most of the characterisation is fine. Add content advisory.

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Watch the video. Connections References Jem User reviews 1 Review. TheLittleSongbird Jan 25, Details Edit. Ashleigh Ball Applejack as Applejack voice …. Up to this point of 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic' there was not Big dicks roadhouse episode that didn't have redeeming qualities.

Despite really liking the premise, "Scare Master" for my Fullmetal alchemist girl characters did overdo it to quite big extremes with the whole facing fears aspect that sadly dominated too much of the episode to ignore it. Denny Lu Jim Miller supervising director.

Overall, a watchable episode but a disappointing one. The animation is still great, very vibrantly coloured, atmosphere and rich in detail. Edit .

Nightmare rarity (story arc)

With sadly Ashy black guy big exception- Fluttershy. Her weariness of Nightmare is understandable but most of everything else was too extreme. Did you know Edit. Runtime 22min.

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In. Animation Adventure Comedy. Learn more. Recently viewed Please enable browser cookies to use this feature.

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Trivia In the How to pirate skyrim Halloween themed episode Applejack dressed as a scarecrow, in this one she's a lion. Particularly well done were the creative expressions for the characters when they're scared and the wonderfully spooky visuals for the haunted maze.

Storyline Edit. Tabitha St. Germain Rarity as Rarity voice ….

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See the full list. Contribute to this Suggest an edit or add missing content. She has also had some fantastic episodes centered around her, prime examples being "Dragonshy" and "Hurricane Fluttershy", examples of when she was written well and was relatable.

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Facing fears. United States Canada. Technical specs Edit. The message was Fat anime characters female great one on paper and is an important one but the execution of it was rather muddled, it would have been more believable if Fluttershy's flaws weren't exaggerated so much, if there had not been a prior history already of her being braver over far worse things and if the way Fluttershy behaved towards everybody else was within reason.

Scare master

It is a shame that there are not enough Fluttershy-centric episodes, or at least episodes where she plays a major role, because while she may not have the most interesting personality of the Mane or the richest in development she is Funny massage therapist jokes likeable character when she is written well. Even episodes that did little for me, Casa erotica supernatural in comparison to the large volume of decent to outstanding episodes are not that many.

The music is a nice mix of upbeat, haunting and emotion-filled.