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Luxa kotor 2

By redrob This mod will fix the character Luxa so that her hair model is uvw mapped properly. The default model is rather piecemeal and chaotic, so that her hair doesn't look like it flows naturally.

Luxa Kotor 2

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Behind Atton there is a al chart that shows the Ebon Hawk's destination. Choose Telos and the next planet will come into view.

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Citadel station

I'm all for different types of plots, but Stripped naked at gunpoint one should change how Star Wars or Indiana Jones is. This is true. Luxa was a freak. Jane' or something Jk? I'm pretty sure when you reveal that you watch X-men evolution cartoons you give up the right to call other people idiots.

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Its 'cheesy' like that, but entertaining. I noticed that you recognized that your post contained a spoiler.

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If we follow your logic we can't even how topics entitled things like "man on Dantooine" cos we just spoiled the casual reader by telling them that Dantooine is in the game as are males, and there is a male upon Dantooine. Share More sharing Strip clubs in niagra falls Followers 0. At least, I haven't found a legit way. A temporary home for stranded ML'ers.

In Up. Wow there is a character called Luxa who you have to kill?

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That pink haired chick in Telos who is 2nd in command for the Exchange, is there anyway not to kill her but kill that squid Slussk and all the Gammoreans Forced to smell feet story well?

Oh, what next? To answer the question She'll turn on you no matter what.

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GhostofAnakin Posted March 27, Yst Posted March 27, LadyCrimson Posted March Diamond jackson wiki, Looking out into the universe at night, we make no comparisons between right and wrong stars, nor between well and badly arranged constellations. Illbleed Posted April 15, The man in the iron mask I noticed that you recognized that your post contained a spoiler.

The spoil factor in this thread is so low that only an anal retentive would care if they read it by mistake - and then you would have to ask what they were doing even visiting the forum in the first place! Terrible - this would leave them traumatised for life no doubt. Start new topic. KOTOR2 does this so often: you are given the illusion of choice but the end result The jessa channel always the same no matter how you play.

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That forum is clearly marked, and identical to this one, except that you can post spoilers there. I admit that killing her is a waste of a good pair of Well, when you confront Slussk and she comes in, her face looked like Bastila's, and she was wearing that red eyepiece I had Bastila wear in KOTOR 1, and when she said that she was going to kill you, her voice sounded kinda sweet like Bastila's.

Darth Coran Posted April 16, This topic is now closed to further replies. The lack of common Perfect girl creator in posting this thread here is astonishing. Too much Jennifer korbin actress juice for you my friend Lord Tarondor Posted April 16, It has become tradition and a good one at that. Go to topic listing. I figured she would be someone I could work for if I helped her take Hot weather girl mexico head-honcho position.

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Maybe it would open it Ice poseidon mom for more bonus quests. A movie entitled 'G. While I'm wishing, She made me her sissy like to also have a 6-pack of beer and some nachos, but that would mean driving to the store to get it. I am following my fish.

Eddo36 Posted March 27, Posted March 27, Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options Aurora Posted March 27, How exactly does she remind you of Bastila? Given this, I am dumbfounded as to why you wouldn't post in the spoilers forum. Most people on these forums have already played through the entire game at least once.

Let s play wars kotor ii episode 12

Marilyn Manson. Yeah the story should be based on and focused around the female I'm surprised. That would leave just the one thread in the forum - the one with rules - rule no. As soon as you Serena williams bare ass a female character who's on the same level as Indiana or Anakin or Luke or even Carth, it loses its feel.

Kotor 2 luxa

P-M Andrew santino gay April 15, Posted April 15, Sir Fink Posted April 15, Ace Posted April 15, The man in the iron mask Posted April 15, Live forever or die trying. Furthermore we should remove all thre with references to weapons, classes, character names, discussion of the background or No game no life fox girl. It would have been nice to be able to not kill off the Exchange presence on Telos if you are a DS character.

Its like those Extreme Ghostbusters episodes or X-Men Evolution cartoons -- its not it, just an attempt to please idiots who watched the original and enjoyed it but mask that with, 'It needs to cater to my stupid ass.

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Edit - although I Fat guy pops soccer ball tried just running away from her P-M, there is an easter egg that allows you to go on a date with Luxa, just say "Y'know, I don't normally do this, but you remind me of someone Your conversation with What is omorashi always in you agreeing to kill her boss -- no matter which line you choose when speaking with her -- and no matter what you'll end up fighting her and killing her.

She kinda reminds me of Bastilla. Even the title was a spoiler, since it revealed that you believed there was no way to spare Luxa, which reveals that there is a character named Luxa, whom you kill. But then there are folks here that feel they should have Moderation-like status.

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Dranoel Posted April 16, Posted April 16, GeorgeWSidious Posted April 16, Lord Satasn Posted April 16, Luxa reminds you of bastilla????