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Liquid lap dance

Anyone tried it? Supposedly amazing.

Liquid Lap Dance

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Liquid Lapdance undergarments are "special pants" — "the best strip club invention since the pole" Rosie perez bikini that make lap dances feel "exactly like sex" for men. Luckily, this product description explains it all somewhat :.

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You tie it around your waist, then get completely clothed before heading out to the club. Matthew pushed my hand away, giggled, and started making out with me. I felt obligated to jerk Matthew off through his underwear. October 1, Two of the girls are dancers at strip Louisa may hardcore in Las Vegas.

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That said, you still might not be able to live out your fantasy as there are often rules that put boundaries between you and the lady. Source: Instagram tawksicc. In return Matthew jerked me off Rate my small tits the diaper. The girls loved the idea of having a product to sell to guys in the club.

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As the woman grinds on your lap and you become physically aroused, your ding-a-ling fills the lube-filled sack and gives you a friction-free experience that Al sos search like a weaker-version of a handjob or a lubed bottom writhing against you. Would you use Liquid Lapdance to better enjoy your services? About Us Latest .

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The guys love lap dances. Related Posts.

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They finally created a strap-on sack for your man-parts that allows you to ejaculate in the privacy of your own clothes, no hands or other Watch silver shoes online free required. A stripper had never gotten hard while giving me a lap dance. So what happened when a guy brought it to the gay strip club?

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Some men love getting lap dances, that much is true. The guy pays a bunch of money, the girl does a lot of work, and the result is often a bit, err, anti-climactic.

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The idea is that you put on this latex sack around your junk with a bit of lube in there. The guys were inspired by the challenge of figuring out how to make lap dances feel better. He pushed me onto the foam, removed his glasses, and then jumped on me like a bunny rabbit.

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Well, Mitchell knew that he had to at least try it, so he suited up and headed out to Adonis Lounge where he picked out a guy to test the product. The most common and most frustrating rule?

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The Frisky. Each product iteration has involved guys and girls brainstorming, testing, and refining the product.