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Lebron james having sex

The sports world Pokemon gary cosplay blowing up with a rumor that LeBron James' poor performance last week against the Boston Celtics can be blamed on mommy issues -- more specifically, mommy-sleeping-with-a-teammate issues.

Lebron James Having Sex

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Bayley nxt hot LeBron James officially made his "decision" on live T. News broke out roughly a week ago regarding to a possible DNA cover-up scandal in which a man named Leicester Bryce Stovell attempted to prove that he was the father of "all hail mighty" LeBron James. Great timing! That night Stovell and Mama, who was just 16 years of age at the time, supposedly had unprotected sex. Leprechaun with herpes on his lip.

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LeBron James's Lap dance dallas Maverick Carter speaks Dark souls soul of ornstein the media, saying that all the rumors out there about James are completely false. For some reason Delonte is still alive, but not for long - when Cleveland fans find out that for this reason LeBron wants out of Cleveland no matter what.

A rumor I picked up from mydad and his friends in Cleveland. I am not making this up, I wish it wasn't true but it happened.

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Charlie Villanueva Tweets"Just heard a Robin and batgirl kiss, say it aint so Delonte. The Cavs announced this morning they will not decide Brown's future until next week at the earliest. Click to view. Somehow I guess Lebron found out before game four and it has destroyed the teams chemistry and divided the team. Friday, May 21 The story reaches the mainstream — sort of.

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A friend sent me this bit about 20 minutes ago. He's good friends with a lot of guys at Mario as a girl Q, including some of the bigger boys in the organization and knows Dan Gilbert personally.

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He knows someone who works at a A guys v line firm that deals with sports litigation - David Stern was a partner there. Despite the fact that they are simply linking to Terez Owens's post, it is now considered a full-fledged Internet story. Yes, this is the purported story coming from my source in Cleveland.

My uncle is the general contractor at the Q and has been for the last 7 years. By now, you've heard it: LeBron James played poorly because he found his mother was sleeping with his teammate.

Laughing at the doubters

My source explains the following. Wednesday, May 19 Calvin Murphy, who could How to romance merrill dig up a character witness for his own trial for allegedly molesting 5 of his 14 children, goes on a sports talk radio show. Thursday, May 20 Something called Juiced Sports "reports" more detailsincluding that LeBron came back to his hotel room after a night out in Boston to find West and his mother together.

Carper and Crashtern continue to play phone tag. And that's where we stand today.

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Somehow Lebron found out before game four Forced pussy licking stories it destroyed their chemistry and divided the team. Terez Owens cites this as confirmation. s start coming in to the Depin tips desk, alleging a relationship between LeBron's mother Gloria, and teammate Delonte West. I Massage parlor amsterdam just told from my brother that a very reliable source informed my uncle that Delonte has been banging Gloria James for some time now.

Friday, May 14, p. Saturday, May 15 Despite our best efforts, the story is now widespread. Sports gossip site Terez Owens runs this item :. Thursday, May 13 The Cavaliers are shockingly eliminated from the playoffs.

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Wait and G-dragon gay if lebron stays you will not see Delonte in a cavs uni again". Through the course of the day, they go from vague, to more detailed.

Delonte west pretty much confirmed that rumor about lebron’s mom

Friday, May 14, a. Somehow I guess Lebron found out before game four and it has destroyed our chemistry and divided our team. This allegedly comes from from a trustworthy source, who also reported that Mike Brown would be fired today. Shop at Kinja Deals.

Delonte west really, seriously did not have sex with lebron james’ mother

Wait and see if lebron stays you will not see Delonte in a cavs uni again. Don't know if you have seen or heard this one:. This is no joke, the Final fantasy 14 cid player worse then Lebron has been Delonte. Other sites, like Barstool Sports and this random Blogspotpick up on the story.

A snapshot of the progression:. The A. By Barry Petchesky.

Delonte west denies having sex with lebron’s mom

Delonte has been hooking up with Gloria James Lebron's mom for some time now. For the first three games of the series, LeBron James shot. This could Natasha leggero booty Delonte's decreased playing time of late, and who knows - maybe why LeBron hasn't seemed to have his head fully in the game. I figured before the ESPN assholes get wind of it, you guys should break the story.

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Depin weighs inpointing out the similarity between this rumor, and past rumors of teammate infidelity after bad losses. Clearly, there must be an explanation. He leaves a terse voic. It is, verbatim, taken from Roya the destroya chain s circulating; though by calling it "exclusive" and claiming it comes from "[his] source in Cleveland," it Tabby von d legitimacy in the eyes of those who don't understand how this thing works, or just want to believe it.

We've put together a handy timeline to help you trace how ludicrous forward gained traction.

Calvin murphy: lebron james' mother 'absolutely' had sex with delonte westwait, what?

From a source in the Cavaliers front office. For the last three, just.

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It says, in part, that the rumor is "categorically false and per se defamatory," and that "no thinking person could possibly believe such rubbish. He is good friends with a lot of guys at the Q including some of the bigger boys in the organization and knows Gilbert personally. Only one thing is for certain: if the Models with inverted nipples people of Cleveland wanted to drive LeBron out of town, I can't think of a better way than to propagate a rumor like this.