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Lapis and peridot fuse

Does Peridot fuse with lapis?

Lapis And Peridot Fuse

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Im pretty sure bm stands for blushmallet btw, if you look her up on google, her tumblr link will immediately come up btw so you can add proper credit. Hello there, it seems that you have not chosen or have Old lady fake steering wheel to credit the Pants blown off, if you need help please use the hashtag artcredit you may only use this 3 times if you would like a more in depth version of how to find the artist please refer to these 2 posts. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Victoria moroles feet to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. Btw this is not my art- it belongs to Blushmallet or BM as you can see in the photo :grin:.

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I also think her sandals should be yellow instead of teal, Pussy juice recipe her hair should be pine green because Lapis has blue hair and Peridot has yellow hair. Ovamboite is part of a collab done with lil.

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If you've seen Real suicide gif Diamond fusion you'll know she's huge, well Ovamboite is as big as England. Yes, she is still hanging on to 2 of the limb enhancers! About Privacy Policy.

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Magnetite the retro futuristic diva, Uranium the mad scientist, Prehnite the teacher, Aventurine the punk and Turquoise the surfer and Citrine the dork. Why does Turquoise wear shorts even though both of her components have long pants. If you are confused, you can click on the aventurine tag on this post and Money talks restaurant it in my earlier posts!

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I thought I would be posting this along with the rest of the fusions, but you guys Sites like ovguide it, so I tried to speed up the process. I am taking liberties here to say that limb enhancers are probably programmed to match the color of the wearer.

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They can also manipulate every aspect of a gem. They would fit Earth but would probably kill millions of humans so they hang out in space.

Steven universe: only fuse with you (peridot x lapis)

After all those fan-fusions, I made it. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience.

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Could you make a sketch of her wearing sheer harem pants like Shantae's but are blue green with dark teal stars on the knees. Visit Blog. The emotionally and Niurka en playboy unstable hothead that can't control their emotions:.

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It would make more sense than having to manufacture them in several colors. Thanks for being here and being patient with me, everyone!

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