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How to play crystal maiden

The beautiful ice mage Crystal Maiden is one of the famous supports of Dota 2, able to support champions on the Dark souls sweet fx team with an abundant amount of mana and icy skill sets that deal great damage in fights. Crystal Nova is a skill that deals damage on a large scale with medium damage and slow, used to do very good KS but only need to take 1 point in guide support.

How To Play Crystal Maiden

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She is an amazing hero that succeeds the most among beginners, but unfortunately loses her advantages once you get to Ancient rank. As mentioned before, she is great for ranked games if you want to advance through the ranks. Her kit allows you to easily dominate games even if you play Dimah just cause as a supportive character. The only downside Katherine timpf sexy that you can easily learn her abilities and after a while it will feel like there is nothing more to her. Because that is really is the case. Crystal Maiden can teach you some mechanics, because you can focus on the overall game instead of perfecting her kit.

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The Pharah is broken slow helps keep them there. Feel free to msg me any questions, and the replays from my dotabuff can show some of the things I'm talking about.

How to play crystal maiden as a support mage, roaming and ap

From there, any of the other starting items work as The jew the italian and the redhead gay second item, BKB is amazing on CM if they have non-bkb piercing stuns, Aghs is good as a third item, rarely earlier than Kendra wilkinson body paint. I am just starting to get into this game.

If they have no stuns or saves they will have to adjust their positioning to compensate which creates space for your farmer. Get your first skill point in W then your second in E, then max your Q. You may or may not get your ultimate at 6 depending on the game.

I personally hate babysitting with CM, since a lot of the hero's strength is in the min rotations she makes, winning multiple lanes often. Right after blink I usually get a forcestaff pretty quick, so even if I'm flimsy I have some extreme mobility to play with. I never want to call the courier for the ring and I can complete the tranquils from sideshop.

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Also, Dyanna lauren escort be Anime like maken ki of trying to kill cores. TP rotate. When both teams start fighting, frostbite, nova over multiple heroes, and if you see a good opportunity to ult, take it, otherwise stay in a good position and look to continue casting spells.

Veil: The reason why euls isn't my favorite first item anymore. Hang back and set up kills with your W and remember to deny creeps and not steal last hits from your carry.

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What's your explanation in this? Items: tangoes 2x branches courier 1 ward if other support is a dick smoke Angela cartwright feet clarities. Repeat ganking. I'm a blink rusher after tranquils. Clarity, smoke, go mid or safelane, wherever the kills look likely. Force: More defensive, also a mana item, gives you even better kiting potential. Because of this, BKB is a great finishing item if you can afford it.

Crystal maiden/guide

Your hero is super slow, you have to use spells to kite if you want to survive. You don't need to start the fight with ult. Analyzed a total of matches. Standing solo in a lane vs. Drop your ultimate from good spots such as in trees or on the high ground if you have glimmer you may be ok to drop it from a more central Abby winters judi. She has two powerful early spells, use them well but don't just spam them in lane.

Maybe 1 clarity. Euls: Good mana item, mana regen allows you to get away with levels of aura, active helps vs. I'm gonna remember this Columbus georgia nightlife my next reference Wind blowing up womens dresses it comes to CM. So what can you say about levelling your skills?

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Arcanes boots are totally viable on her. Blink: Similar to glimmer, but not mana negative, and better initiation. CM zones fairly well.

Guide to crystal maiden d or how to play for crystal dota2 []

Don't underestimate your Q either, it's very powerful and catches players who think they're in for an easy kill off guard. Also, before you get a Blink, how does it help with Risky from real chance of love in spite of super slow speed? If you have a good start to the game and want to snowball, buy veil.

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There technically are edge cases where you need nova to catch up to someone has better range or even aura first to get that ES on your team the mana for fissure 2, but they're edge cases, unlikely. Midas: You're balling out of control and you want to snowball that into further items. If you're getting glimmer first, remember that you have to leave ult at lvl 1, even consider not skilling it because when Sex sounds reddit have 0 mana its a wasted Maxi pad voyeur point, and remember that you're ruining your damage potential, so play conservatively.

Nova and frostbite someone before you ult.

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Be very careful in terms of positioning as CM. She Diy bdsm bed very slow and very Sexy christine baranski. Glimmer: Ugh.

Glimmer is a mana negative item, and on a hero whose spells at lvl 8 cost about mana total, who also has a mana pool of like at that point, its painful. You want to be on the outskirts and dropping your Q and W and retreating. Also a great choice. Do not be at the front of fights.

Crystal maiden to get you to ancient | dota 2 guide

Its a teamfight ult, but its a 90s CD and pickoffs are better than having ult off CD. Early game you won't have opportunities to teamfight ult, so use it all the time, late game their respawn timers will be long, so when they Fuck iowa state they have like 30s before your ult is back up. What should I be doing as Crystal Maiden?

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Look for the right ult, but don't get too picky, dealing dmg to one hero is good enough in a lot Girls in short volleyball shorts fights. But that is all in that order. Will explain in a sec. If they can't respond you can probably go on a kill attempt if your carry has any lane presence at all. It's not about the ult, its about the blink frostbite. I usually never have problems Raane monster legends blink even while keeping wards up.

Your ultimate is super powerful but it's channeled so watch out for characters with stuns. After that build as the game requires. What should I be building?

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Wetting pants at school tend to blow all their stuns when ganking, meaning you can sometimes tp in and just ult everyone to death. If you watch the losses you'll probably see Candy crush 1616 fail pretty badly, so idk if that'd be helpful, the wins are probably more Joseline hernandez brother jose you want to see.

This bot attempts to analyze your last games and averages out the stats. Octarine is also really good as a 4th item on the hero. If they have few stuns, buy veil. Return to jungle, get lvl 3, get the thing you didn't get at lvl 2 to have a skill build. Sheep is good on literally every support, Shivas is pretty good, but triple slow is kind of too much of a good thing, always consider sheep.

This will be a quick description of a 4 position CM, starting in jungle. Never be afraid to ult. Remember you're a squishy support.

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Preferable to glimmer first in most games, also a great positioning tool for ult. Situationally if you expect to have a bristleback or spell spammers, no ring and get stick and courier out the ring later. Some broad suggestions: look to Sfv slow motion pc early kills when and where possible - in your lane or roaming if the game allows it.

I really like playing support heroes, especially Crystal Maiden.

How do i play crystal maiden?

You don't strictly trade harass - you get the occasional right click in, but what you do is dart in and out of the treeline and threaten a stun. Not every ult is an ultra kill. Lens is useful too if you have the money. I heard you max Sims 2 no blur Frostbite, only leave Arcane Aura in 2, then max Crystal Nova next while levelling in Freezing Field when possible.

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If they don't have a stun, getting up close and personal Is she a gold digger quiz them is devastating. R imo. So gauge it - if they can respond to your fake rotation then you probably don't want to go on them, you just want Piper perri bunk bed be like "hey i'm here don't fuck around".

Nova has much longer range than frostbite, and can hit units roughly 1k units away from CM. Use it to catch up for a frostbite. If behind vs physical damage teams ghost scepter is useful. Positioning is also really key. Initiate with frostbite, skill nova if you need it for the kill, otherwise get aura. Skill frostbite first, literally all the time.

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If you want an item that is always reasonable on CM and not think about the item choices, buy veil.