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Gary cherone wife

Birthday: July 26 ,

Gary Cherone Wife

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Heavy metal musician who fronted the rock band Extreme and who was briefly the lead singer of Van Halen. Gary is 60 years old.

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Gary Cherone: Thank you.

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I think there were two things that brought the band to another level. CAS: What is it like having your brother in the band?

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And I think the chorus is pretty strong. And the audiences were great.

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And visa versa. Just a real touching lyric that Mark wrote.

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GC: Yeah. I mean you have five Cherone brothers and there were five Marx Brothers!

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I gravitated towards Harpo. We still had to jump through some hurdles as far as scheduling me with Extreme.

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Whether it was me and Nuno or the stuff I did in Van Halen, there are similarities when you collaborate. CAS: Are you going to tour with Hurtsmile?

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Mark was more of the Chico. Carol Anne Szel: First, let me congratulate you and Extreme for your successful couple of months of shows!

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And I love Groucho. I had that song in my head for the last 40 years, the original one. Looking back Rachel bilson himym it, it was the vehicle that brought Extreme to another level.

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CAS: Tell me about this new record. But Michael and Sammy, believe it or not, we just played with them Nancy silk pantyhose in Canada. Obviously it all stems from the Beatles, whether it comes through Cheap Trick or any of the other influences that you have.

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So we were hanging out Fred savage gay having a good laugh. This record is a lot more fun, it came together quicker. As far as songwriting, with anybody you write with there are a little dis-similarities.

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And that turned the people on to the other music. Which was frustrating when it came to touring. We just got off a two month tour of Europe and Asia.

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In school, yeah. CAS: And are you writing with Extreme now? When I was younger I was a little quiet.

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Yeah, it makes me smile. This was a lot of fun; I think this record is a better record.