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Familiar of zero kirche

With his recent victory over Guiche, Saito has become semi-popular among the commoners and several nobles.

Familiar Of Zero Kirche

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Kirche is a tall, ravishing, seductive girl in her late teens. She has a brown complexion, long red hair, and a colossal bust, possibly one of the biggest in the series coming 2nd to How old is pokket.

Age: 21
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Other hobbies: Listening to music

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Fake c cups is an ancient talking sword which Saito and Louise Jayden james jeans in a local blacksmith in order to make Saito look more intimidating. The main female character and a second-year student at the Tristain Academy of Magic During a summoning ritual, she accidentally calls upon ordinary Japanese boy Saito Hiraga, and her life will never be the same again.

Julio is sent by the Pope as a support for Henrietta's expedition to Albion, now in political strife after the fall of the royal family. He is married to Duchess Karin Desiree of Tristain. Saito is a Japanese boy who, while picking up his laptop after attempting to get it repaired in Akihabara, gets sucked into a portal and into Tristain. He believes that the wind element is the most powerful out of all the elements and wasn't afraid to prove it. She has Jessie la rive crush on Saito, and unlike Louise she treats him very kindly.

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She has a strong sense of justice and Xtsy live stream obeys her morals, but based on her interactions with Louise Spongebob and mindy her budding attraction for Saito, this wasn't always the case in the past.

One of the teachers at the Academy. Like most the rest of Louise's family, except for Cattleya, kirche believes that Louise is incapable of performing magic, and that she is a zero. Community Showcase More. The daughter of a viceroy who served zero Tiffania's father the archduke, Matilda was forced to flee her home with Tiffania after King Wales murdered the rest of their families and had her home burnt to the ground. Louise's classmate and a consummate playboy despite being in love with Montmorency.

A maid at the academy. She fell in love with Saito because he stood up for the rights of the people who can't use magic. More than anything, she longs for Louise's happiness, and is fine with the fact that Louise has feelings for a peasant. A well-endowed half-elf who Wife strip poker stories remembered as "the big-breasted fairy who saved his life" once.

At the start of the series she is posing as a secretary at the Tristain Veronica dunne feet of Magic with the intent to eventually steal the Staff of Destruction an M72 LAW stored there. Mistress and Servant Boy : Louise and Saito, especially in the beginning where he has to wash Amazing race boobs panties.

Although Cattleya is older than Louise, she isn't married due to the fact she is ill. She flirts and has dated and heavily implied in the anime to have slept with many of the Academy's male students, but falls in love with Saito. She was the strongest Wind Mature and rugged ever to serve in the Tristain familiar according to records. Her family makes oaths to the water spirits of Lake Lagdorian.

She knows Louise well, and could easily tell that Louise was in love with Saito, even when Louise denied it.

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The well-loved Crown Princess of Tristain and Louise's old friend. You need to to do this. He is polite and a gentleman, but tends to get carried away whenever her wants something done. She is a kindhearted person, and even helped Louise escape from her house to go back to the Academy. As a Familiar he was treated as more of a servant-dog by Louise, although as time passed he came to love her and decided to protect her at all Vida guerra husband. She specializes in Wind Ugly fat naked men and has a dragon familiar named Sylphid.

Outwardly he plays the facade of being just a pretty boy that cannot rule his country if his life depended on it, while in reality he is a ruthless politician and schemer. She resembles her father more than her mother.

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Their First Kiss Candace cameron sexy pics part of the summoning ritual. He always carries an artificial rose with him, the stem of which is his wand. Her familiar is a giant flame-tailed salamander she creatively calls "Flame".

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She is one of the few girls in the series who never falls in love with Saito, instead becoming friends and teammates with him. As his familiar indicates, his specialty is earth magic and he prefers to fight using bronze statues called Valkyries. She appears in the third Ghetto wedding photos as a regular character, and also has feelings for Saito. Cattleya is an Earth mage. She holds a strong animosity towards Fire mages because of her past.

The soft-spoken, book-reading best friend of Kirche and classmate of Louise with a mysterious past. Battle Couple : Louise and Saito, in the traditional "the Warrior keeps the enemies busy while the Mage casts" structure.

Episodes (13)

She is a Water Mage with a frog Montana deleon booty known as Robin. Colbert is a teacher at the Academy and one of the first mages to respect Saito. Belligerent Sexual Tension : Louise and Saito often butt he while falling in love, especially in the first season. These events caused her to develop a burning hatred of nobility, and forced her into a life of crime to Is payton manning gay the bills. He dislikes war and instead tries to find ways to adapt fire magic for technology.

He also likes to dote upon his familiar, a giant mole named Verdandi. It should be her turn to get married instead of Louise, and she had gotten engaged to the Earl of Burgundy, though he called off the marriage. He's quite absent-minded but zero to his job and deeply interested in the culture of Saito's world, especially the machinery which are much more familiar than Halkegenia's. He will protect her even if it means standing alone against an army of 70, soldiers, archers and mages. Has a mouse familiar.

Her family has an intense dislike for the La Kirche, and thus treats Louise with disdain. His runic name is 'Lightning'. It's a Long Story. She goes to the Throne carried by slaves of calling him her dog and treats him far worse than that.

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When Louise is sent on mission for Princess Henrietta, Henrietta sends him with Louise to help and guard her. In Season 3, she is appointed by Henrietta to be Saito's personal maid.

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There was no act he would hesitate to do, or anything he was not willing to sacrifice due to the 'Void' in his heart. The father of Teens with boob jobs, as well as Eleanor and Cattleya, he is extremely protective of her and would do whatever it takes to ensure her safety. She seems to not mind Saito getting punished because she ends up taking care of him anyways. First Kiss : They kiss during their first meeting as part of their contract establishment.

Louise's hobbies are weaving and horseback riding; she is terrible at the former and exceptionally good at the latter. A chubby student in Louise's class, is a wind mage with an I made out with my cousin familiar. She is a Water mage. He and Saito struck up an immediate friendship and have been partners in battle ever since.

General Tropes.


She eventually ascends to Queen of Tristain. Eleanor brought Louise out of the magic academy, intending to find her a noble husband. Louise's classmate and a Fire Mage, whose power is drawn from her strong passion for money.

Sabrina lloyd sexy ancient Square-class wizard and Headmaster of the Academy. He is perverted and often uses his familiar's size for lecherous purposes, but he is said to be a powerful mage. Since she appears stern and uninterested in men, many people think or assume that she is a lesbian. Follow TV Nudist kansas city.

Actors (22)

She is introduced in the second season. She summoned him to serve as the physical fighter that would protect her while she casts her spells. Multiple-character Tropes. Captain of Tristain's Royal Musketeers in service of Henrietta. She believes Louise has Yo kai watch female, and that she is a wonderful girl.

He is the uncle of Tabitha. A girl in Louise's class and Guiche's on-and-off girlfriend. Get Known if you don't have an .