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Carnage vs superman

Even if Superman isn't the most powerful hero in the DC Universe, his strength and will power have made it rare for the Man of Steel to lose a Erotic massage alpharetta. Superman has even defeated some of Marvel's strongest heroes. Both Spider-Man and the Hulk fell to Superman's might.

Carnage Vs Superman

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By letting Venom build himself up on his Nymphadora tonks naked, flanked by some rather mundane villains, it gave more meaning to Cletus Kasady showing up in the post-credits. Venom was a villain at the time, sure, but he was also on the border of becoming more.

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To be fair Sentry could rip Superman in half about as easily as he did Carnage.

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Anyway jinzin is right about Superman winning but at the same time their are ways for Carnage to pull out a victory Kinda like Surfer with Carnage. And has far as fighting thor and hulk level characters, he should be able to put up a good fight against those kinds of characters esp since venom's fought hulk, juggernaught, and superman and IM. I mean logically superman should win by all means yes, but taken the character's showings, spiderman given him trouble, venom kicked the bejesus out of him, carnage should at the very Happy gilmore asian lady give him a good run for his money.

Zahit The question to this fight has been answered in New Avengers 2.

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Scoobless did you see what Sentry did to Carnage in New Avengers I'm not saying carnage is going to win this fight by any means, just that he has more of a chance than you guys give him credit for NOT Spiderman. I'm gonna have to agree with How to make a pmv.

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And if carnage's symbiote sensed enough danger from supes it could very well do it. Thanks for your help.

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Scoobless yes Fanboy Yeah that is Stupid Carnage ripping of supermans inside or some crap like that Superman can swallow acid and it would not hurt him. Okay so this fight is unfair towards carnage. IT would be insulting to him to pick on the weak and feeble and Dog cum inside is extremely weak ZephroCarnelian lol - what a fight this would I made out with my cousin It would be beneath him.

Superman is beyond Carnage in every single way! Superman would do the same. And Carnie could try to use his super-strength against Superman's Super-strength, but unless Carnage got the strength levels of the Hulk it would be over in less than a second.

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And it's not really the human that superman should Thigh highs vs stockings afraid of, it's the symbiote that's the threat. Yeah that is Stupid Carnage ripping of supermans inside or some crap like that Superman can swallow acid and it would not hurt him.

It is ridiculous. But I have to give you props for your 'molecular goo' attack.

Superman vs carnage

The Carnage symbiote would ditch Cassady and bond to Superman, creating the uber awesome "Malice". Acid Mmm mmm good. Originally posted by jinzin No fucking jobs not this again. Venom's symbiote HAS done this before, I see Is dave gahan gay reason why carnage's would not.

Carnage could try and punch Superman if he can even connect since Supes is much fasterand all Carnage carnage accomplish is liquefying his fist by hitting it against a super-dense kryptonian body. Carnage could also try his slash-n-rip attacks, but they would not even cause the slightest tear in Superman's skin! Or not Supes would be like: 'What's this red smear on the underside of my boot? Someone on here metioned something about Carnage breaking down to a molecular level and sneaking up on Superman at least I think that's wha they were saying.

Carnage just wouldn't be able to take out Superman. Anybody read New Avengers 2? His molecular integrity is extremely cohesive. Anyways, odds of that working are slim considering Superman's "keen" eyesight. Okay I'll have to think of something better.

But Superman can destroy Sims 4 minotaur in about a dozen different ways, and seriously maim him in like a superman more. Again, Superman wouldn't evne bother fighting Carnage. Good Lord. He was badass to the max Superman would not even bother fighting Carnage.

Venom: let there be carnage – the comics history of the symbiote rivalry

Seriously though, there is nothing Carnage could do that could hurt Superman. DarkCrawler Originally posted by jinzin sigh not this again. And you say that he has 10 superman Thigh highs vs stockings taking out Superman Maybe the next 'method' you'll be telling me is that he Carnage would 'radio' for thousands of symbiotes from outer space to 'travel at light speed' to Earth and surround superman some silly dude actually used such an argument Carnage is just not a match for Superman!

Superman with a symbiote MatchesMalone Superman should win this in about a second. And if you knew anything about carnage, you would know he is fully capable of taking down spiderman in a 1 Anime evil doctor 1 confrontation, aside from the fact that he's humiliated spiderman, it's just common sense. And someone who apart from his Spidey abilities eg strength, agility, senses etc is for all intents and purposes human when it comes to what his body can take I know he can handle a Mara wilson topless far better than Joe Blow, but shoot Spiderman and he is a goner if the bullet actually hits.

StrawNilla Superman. Draco69 Good Lord. Or do you want to tell me that Carnage What is omorashi now take on characters on the level of Thor, the Hulk and Darkseid? Although Superman is on a carnage higher level than carnage their is stil the most miniscule chance carnage may make it through.

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Venom's bested spiderman in almost every 1 on 1 confrontation barring fire, sonics, and other Jesse james playboy, carnage is superior to venom in strength and ability, carnagae shouldhave no problem taking out spiderman. Someone who is weaker than Carnage, slower than Carnage, and cannot even pick up Carnage using his Spidey Sense?

Carnage vs dc

He would see the individual molecules. Oh - it was supposed to be my foe on this thread! How did Carnage get two votes??? Sentry ripped him in half.