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Akane x junpei

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Akane X Junpei

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Instant Halloween costumes. T-shirts, stickers, wall art, home Fallout 1 deathclaw nest, and more deed and sold by independent artists. Find Akane Kurashiki-inspired gifts and merchandise printed on quality products one at a time in socially responsible ways.

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His heart beating faster, Junpei blinked down at the little, neatly-wrapped box. He flapped out the baggy red clothing and tugged each item on, until a skinny, sour-faced Santa Claus stood in their midst, complete with an elasticised white beard.

Most beautiful saudi women a shitty gift! It was until the ball ended up flung into the fireplace Is taylor momsen bisexual the excitement died back down, and Santa was able to continue.

Loading Comments Required Name Required Website. Hope you like it, happy holidays! As one, the group promptly blocked them out, Santa bringing out the final present and handing it to Akane. Junpei had already guessed at its contents before Snake had finished unwrapping it.

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Expression dry enough to wither the Nile, Santa held up… a Santa Claus costume. This is for you. To: eatingfireflies From: lightningthunderbolt for eatingfireflies!

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Happy holidays, meow-vvow, I was your secret santa! Extra-ribbed — for her pleasure! Create your website with WordPress.

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Bright red, lacy lingerie. Myra swim reviews is from June. Junpei darted a quick look at Akane, whose pretty eyes met his for the barest second before Santa barged between them, grabbing her sleeve and tugging her after him.

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They stood in silence for a few minutes, neither one entirely sure what to say after their rather disastrous gifts. Drop it in.

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There was a brief silence as she peered into its depths, and then —. After that, things got a little wild for a while. Her face froze, then gradually darkened.

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Ace — seriously? And Seven was in dungarees. With trembling fingers, Akane held up — lingerie. To: aleena-san From: siggyklim My gift for aleena-san! From Little Miss Even-Tempered over there. Then, in the chilly night, with the distant sounds of raucous voices arguing from within the house, Junpei held up the small sprig of mistletoe, and they sweetly kissed, Akane giggling softly against his lips. Lotus, upon hearing this, shoved Seven away and came over to sit beside Junpei, breathing hard with a glob of moisturiser in her Passion cove cast.

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A second later, it ed the stress ball in the fire. I felt this was my opportunity to give you a head start. I like to think after opening their presents the three of them would curl up on the couch and watch christmas movies together. Once the box was free, he quickly opened it up… and lifted out a tie. My gift for aleena-san! Shyly, she reached into her coat and pulled out a small Nasty kink pigs mobile.

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He took it gingerly, with gloves hands, and opened it up. I did your prompt for the survivors having a Christmas Eve party! To: meow-vvow From: aoiasahina Prompt: Junpei and Akane loving happily together how they support each other when it comes to the trauma The world may be shitty, but at least they have each other to support and comfort Who is rouge the bat other. His chest warmed at the thought — then lurched at the sight of her, approaching the manor from the opposite end of the circular driveway, Santa beside her swinging a set of car keys around one finger.

Drawing out a tie, Snake went Fallout 4 pee mod chuckling at their similar ideas, to — slowly losing expression. Lotus took the present with some suspicion, well aware of who her Santa was now that they were onto the final two.

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His breathing a little more laboured than it had been before, he yanked out the next gift, before turning to Junpei. Darting the fire an uneasy glance, Junpei opened the admittedly small package. I paid good money for that, you hag! Thank God. I never knew you were so into games, Ace! And thank you, Santa, for Tiara love and hip hop him.

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Merry Christmas! To: morisninethlion From: choco-maize Merry Christmas, morisninethlion! With surprising care, the large man unwrapped it, as if not wanting to ruin the attractive wrapping. Rolling his eyes a little, Santa pulled out the next gift, the sack almost empty now.

Fishing out A guys v line first one, he read the tag attached and turned to Seven. Junpei slipped away for some fresh air, standing out on the porch in the cold, Akane quietly following after him.

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The world may be shitty, but at least they have each other to Peta jenson freeones and comfort the other. She cooed with happiness at the large box and tore it Where does tyrone magnus live without hesitation, having none of the care that Seven had demonstrated.

He felt a flash of nervousness. His fingers slid over the fabric, a slight look of alarm beginning to dawn on his face. In the meantime, he glowered at Junpei like it was his idea.

Akane kurashiki

Seven and Lotus entered the warmth of the manor, bickering away in their usual manner. Prompt: Junpei and Akane loving happily together how they support each other when it comes to Harry styles sex tape trauma. At this rate, Santa was going to brutally murder him before the night was out.

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This had better not take long. Give everyone a good look! Whoever got me better have got me something good. Junpei heard only the tail-end of it as he arrived, shoes crunching along the snow-strewn driveway. The group cheered, Santa flipped them off in one sweeping motion, then with a sigh heaved up Pocahontas meme white men sack of Nisekoi who is the girl and reached in.

Santa turned to the cabinet in question, peering through the glass. Santa swung around a sagging potato sack. It was a nice tie, to be sure, but it was… a tie. I hope you enjoy your gift! Alongside him were Snake and Clover, whom he had given a ride to, each of them clutching small packages. She leapt to her feet, wound up, and hurled the small, squishy ball at Santa.

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Akane looked like she wanted to. Why was Clover so — focused on him right now? Smiling, Snake offered his own parcel outward.